About the Owner

Long before the bakery popped-up within Nobby’s Pizzeria, Meghann always dreamed of having her own pastry shop one day! Her dream started over 20 years ago. Learning the basics of food, particularly baking at Parkway West Vo-tech. She found this to be a great outlet for her creativity and the artsy side of her. Meghann has a wide variety of experience in the pastry & baking profession. Over the years you could have found her in bakeries to fine dining and anything in between. After attending The International Culinary Academy, le Cordon Bleu in Pittsburgh in 2000-2001, she moved to St. Petersburg, Florida to work at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club. Meghann had the opportunity to take a 3 day course with Ewald Notter in Orlando to learn the art of blown and pulled sugar. Working with an amazing and talented group of people for 7 years, she decided to return to her hometown of Pittsburgh.

Only being back for a couple short months, Meghann landed a job at Cioppino and Osteria2350. She was the opening Pastry Chef and continued her career there for 12 years. Meghann never stopped learning and growing throughout her tenure and attended a sought out Ice Cream Short Course in Penn State.

Like many people in March, Meghann had to get creative with work and start to think outside of the box. One day, during “Red Phase” of quarantine, her brother Sean and owner of Nobby’s Pizzeria in Scott Township, sent Meghann a quick text that said, “want to start an emergency quarantine bakery”? The bread shelves were empty in the grocery stores and all the sudden staying essential to the community with her baking meant way more than she could ever imagine.The community, friends and family have been so supportive that this tiny “emergency quarantine bakery” has turned into a unique business opportunity. Meghann’s dreams are starting to fall into place and it started with a quick text, a supportive brother and an oversized loaf of white bread she started to sell during “red phase”.